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Today we celebrate another victory of love and happiness over loneliness.

Click hereClick here It is June 27th and we celebrate a very important event in the life of one of our couples – wedding anniversary!
There were a man Mark and a woman Tatiana who lived in different parts of the world and both were looking for love. One day Tatiana decided to change her life and came to our agency.
At that time she did not even know that thousands kilometers away, in Great Britain, on a beautiful Isle of Man there lives a wonderful man named Mark. When Mark saw Tatiana's eyes and her bright smile, he immediately wrote a letter to her. And after a half of a year they were talking on phone every evening because they could not sleep before they say "Good night" to each other. In July 2008 Mark came to Chisinau. This nice couple has spent a week together. After that trip Mark's visits to Chisinau became very frequent and finally on March 3, 2009, on Tatiana's Birthday, Mark entered her home with a bouquet of flowers and ...asked her to marry him! On June 27th we were invited to their wedding!

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Click hereDear Tatiana and Mark! We have been with you from the very first day of your relationship. We worried for you and we wanted you to be together because that is what we work for – to see your happy faces.

We wish you to have a long and beautiful life together and hope that you will become a great example for your children. So, please accept our congratulations! We are very proud of our job!

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This evening we saw how necessary our work is and that we can really help people to find happiness and true love.
Of course Mark said some kind words to us: Svetlana and Alex I want to thank your agency – due to your work Tatiana and I are together now.
All I can say now is that I am a very happy man and I am sure that my wife will be happy with me too!!!

Click hereJust look, how much fun we had! We danced, laughed, because each of us took part in the fate of this couple.
We have tried to wisely support their relationship from the very beginning, helping by advices and the certainty that all the bad things remain in the past. The joy of love and understanding is waiting for you! Take care of each other, our dear newlyweds! Let this beautiful wedding became the beginning of your long life together! Kiss!

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We did not even notice how fast the year has passed. Our couple - Tatiana and Mark live together on the beautiful Isle of Man and they are very happy! They have sent us some pictures to share their happiness with us.

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