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Moldova is the ideal place for lovers of fine wines

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Mileshti Michi winery complex is noted in The Guinness Book of Records as the largest wine collection in the world!
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      Every person possesses their own peculiarity like smile, voice or look. Every one of us has their own history, their special appeal that makes us attractive and highlights our individuality. It sometimes seems to me that countries are like people Ц they differ not only in their geographical location but also in their own zest in them. By visiting a certain country we remember its special attraction. For instance we remember France by its Eiffel Tower, Egypt by its ancient pyramids, we associate Spain with bullfighting, aka corrida. Moldova is an ideal place for connoisseurs of fine wines.

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      Due to our work we meet visitors from different countries in the world who come here to find their long-awaited happiness. When a man and a woman meet for the first time one wants to make it unforgettable and really romantic. We offer you a unique excursion to Mileshti Michi winery, including interpreter, chauffeur and a tasty dinner to the sound of live Moldavian music.
      Imagine what an amazing opportunity it is for a couple to visit such a fabulous place where we keep our precious Moldavian wines. You can sample them with a professional sommelier, try dishes from our national cuisine and make a declaration of love to the charming sound of violins.

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Our guests, who we look after, appreciate the excursion to Mileshtii Michi at its true value. Some of them visit this place a few times - every next time they visit Moldova, discovering something new and interesting. Imagine you see a huge wine barrel in the winery, you lightly touch it with your hand and quickly find out that it is actually a door leading to another tunnel, all filled with precious bottles, covered in century-old dust! Our guest from Germany was caught off guard by this trick, at first he was surprised and then burst into laughter. You see itТs great and so unusual! Such surprises wait for you at every step! The winery will slightly reveal its secrets to you and you will turn into a real connoisseur of fine Moldavian wines.

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      A nice detail of the winery is its regular work exhibitions by the national masters. You will feel as if you were in a magic forest with all the wooden sculptures and fairytale characters around. Please remember to take photos, as these works are really unique!
After such a fascinating trip you will feel really hungry. ItТs good, as Moldavian national dishes are already waiting for you for dinner! Please make yourself comfortable and get ready to enjoy food and drinks to the sound of Moldavian music. Musicians will play any melody youТd like for you and your lady. They do it so rousingly that our guests throw themselves into a dance or start singing their favourite songs. That makes us unspeakably joyful, as if you sing with all your heart itТs an indication that you are happy!

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There is another nice tradition in Mileshtii Michi wine complex. When satisfied guests leave this hospitable place, they are offered to leave their comments in the guest book. So next time you visit this place you will easily find your name in the guest book!
      Well, in the end our guests are given a surprise Ц some excellent Moldavian wine for keeps. We hope that very soon you will be lucky enough to visit this amazing place and enjoy everything that this unforgettable trip can offer!